I have been asked, if I would put some
of my sets up as linkware ... Of course! :-)
Just a few things that I ask ....

1. My sets cannot be used on any sites with
cruelty to children, animals,
or any living creature on God's earth, sky or sea.

2. They cannot be used on sites with pornography,
nudity, or witchcraft.

3. They cannot be used on commercial sites
or sites that sell anything, be it outright buying
and selling or gambling.

4 There is a logo at the bottom of each set.
Please, link back to this site,
"A Dream And A Smile"

Just right click on the graphics and "save as"
You don't have to use the title or all the pieces and you
don't have to set the page up as I have it.

What I put on this page, only, listed below is linkware.
Please do not take any other graphics off my site...
And do not mix the graphics with other sets.
That would be so appreciated. :-)

Thank You!

To Join
"A Dream And A Smile"

Newest sets at the bottom ....
Each set opens in a new page

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