O, I try so hard to be
Just like other kids, you see
But they laugh, call me names
Won't let me play in their games

I try so hard to be "cool"
But they see me as a fool
I see them at school everyday
They see me and walk the other way

I try to read and write
But, I don't do it right
I try to run and I trip
Again, they laugh, when I slip

And then they offer to be my friend
I later find out it was only pretend
They whisper and joke behind my back
Then I'm under a "name calling" attack

Why God, why am I so different
Mom says, I'm special and was Heaven sent
She wanted me very much
And it's her heart I touch

But, she's my mom,
Isn't that what moms say
Will you talk to me, God
Some day?

And the child grew up into a man
And he began to understand
When he was a child he spoke as a child
He didn't get into trouble or run wild

But he learned .....
The power of prayer ....

Because as a man
he was still childlike
In many ways the same
as when he was a little tyke

Everyday he would pray
For God to lead the way
"Help me God I am slow
But that is something
You already know"

God answered his prayers
Wonderful people embraced him
as if he were theirs
Their hearts were insightful
And saw him as delightful

They saw a kind man
Gentleness, by his hand
His words were few
But his new friends knew
He was a child of God

And with his
childlike innocent eyes
He became wise
"Mom .....
I can see
God really is helping me"

Yes, my two young men are slow
But they are good and kind and gentle
Perhaps these children are here
As an example

They are so innocent
They don't even lie, cheat or steal
When they offer to help
It's from their heart, it's real

When they smile at you
And ask,
"How are you doing today?"
They really care
And listen to what you say

"Please" and "Thank You"
They've never forgot
Always a smile on their face
They've learned a lot

They've never hit anyone
Or called them names
Now they look the other way
When taunted with childish games

No, they no longer ask God
Because now you see ...
They say ...
"Dear God Please Help Me"
And HE Does

How proud I am
Of my two young men
They are diligent with their responsibilities
They have a heart full of capabilities
Their faith, alone, holds many possibilities
And I ask myself
Who really has the disabilities
Them or Us.

This poem was written for and dedicated to
The two most wonderful and caring people in the world..
My Sons, Aaron and Nathan...

Background Music
"Don't Laugh At Me"
by Mark Wills



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