All is calming down
for earth's impending slumber
Beautiful flowers falling fast asleep
With the last blossom asking,
"Will it be me, in your memory keep?"

Will I remember the scent in the air
filled with sweet floral bouquet
Will I remember the many colors
you shared each and everyday

I will remember the smile
you brought to my face
And the happiness I felt
as you filled my garden
with beauty's grace

I say to you, "I'll remember"
because you must know
When cool autumn winds start blowing
I don't want you to go

Your last pretty blossoms
From the garden, I took
To press, so gently
between pages of a book

You ask me now ....
"Will you remember me?"
I have dried your petals
so your fragrance will linger
in sweet potpourri

Until the spring comes
I will hold onto the memory,of you
And anticipate your waking up
When beauty starts anew

It may be the last rose of summer
Dear Friend
But the blossom of our friendship
Will never come to an end

Have A Wonderful Day!


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